RECAP 09′: Hey Al, What About Uranus?

RECAP 09′: Hey Al, What About Uranus?

This is a piece I wrote back in 2009 that you might find eerily Pertinent & Entertaining. An Oldie But Goodie…Buffalohair

dork gore copyI think I’ve heard just as much as I can stand from Al Gore. I’m sorry but I tried to buy into his agenda but science just keeps getting in the way. Political alchemists filter his events from real opposition casting a shadow of suspicion on the true agenda. But I still think he’s a nice guy, really.

Those pesky ice core samples from Antarctica, at a bazillion dollar a popsicle, tell a different story, a story of cycles. Naturally occurring CO2 and a host of other so called green house gasses have been detected in sedimentary layers between Ice Ages. Contrary to popular belief this was not caused by Uncle Lester’s 1966 Volkswagen Van, it was caused by volcanism and a wide variety of fissures throughout the globe.

The fact Polar Regions throughout the solar system are melting may be another indicator that there is more afoot than green house gasses. But given time alchemists will say it’s a coincidence and point their accusing finger at some poor old trucker or little Bobby Zimmerman’s flatulent hamster. How far beyond stupid are we?

Throughout the region known as “The Ring of Fire” open fissures underwater are pumping trillions of tons of gases of all varieties and toxicities. Volcanologists have noted the marked increase in volcanic activity around the world in recent years. Russia just had a chain of volcanoes, (Kamchatka 6), erupt simultaneously as Kilauea continues to pump toxins into the ozone. Redoubt, in Alaska, has joined the ranks of the living as other sleeping volcanoes continue to spring to life around the world.

Tectonic plates are shifting as the earth groans in anticipation of the inevitable polar shift. Wonder if our magnetosphere ever closed back up. Ah but who pays attention that junk anyway? We should since we pay billions in taxpayer dollars on this research only to have it ignored for political/financial reasons.

There is no question mankind should not have been so destructive to the environment. But that would have disrupted profits and the corporate bottom line. In the corporate wake lay millions of aches of land contaminated beyond all hope yet it’s the little guy who will tot the burden of corporate greed. *Al Gore secured a $529 million loan in U.S. taxpayer’s money for a car manufacturer (Tessla) in Iceland he is in bed with. It has changed the matrix of his “Green” agenda because now it is clear the “green” he is looking for is cash. Carbon Credits are another sham in motion. But it was only a matter of time before the true agenda was exposed since his “science” does not hold water, never has, never will.

Al embraced California’s hyped up California Auto Resources Board (CARB) and Barack Obama expanded this agenda to a national level. It is funny, in a dark way, how much of the free world bought into this scam while Putin and real science said Nyet to this foolishness. China and India will never buy into this sham either. Apparently it did not matter that CARB was using flawed if not bogus data from an imposter who claimed to be a scientist, **Hein T. Tran. And as of this writing; discrepancies and inconstancies continue to be ignored regardless of the ramifications to industry and the nation as a whole. Scientists from around the world have balked at the data as totally inaccurate yet the media as a whole simply ignored it. Here is an excerpt from the ***San Diego Union Tribune who chronicled the fraud of the 21st Century, California’s CARB AB-32 Scoping Plan;

Specific Concerns Regarding October 24, 2008 CARB Staff Report on PM 2.5 [that’s the shorthand term for fine particles 2.5 micrometers in diameter and smaller] and Premature Deaths

1) Authors have no relevant peer reviewed publications and lead author has misrepresented his “Ph.D.”

2) Report and public comments were never shown to outside reviewers as stated in Executive Summary.

3) Five independent sources indicate no current relationship between PM2.5 and deaths in California.

4) California has fourth lowest total age-adjusted death rate among US states and ew “premature deaths.”

5) Diesel toxicity and fine particulate air pollution in California are currently at record low levels.

6) Before approving new diesel regulations, CARB should fully evaluate PM2.5 and deaths in California.

Conclusion: Important epidemiologic and toxicologic evidence does not support adverse health effects of diesel claimed by CARB and new diesel regulations should be postponed until above issues are fully and fairly evaluated.

The renowned scientists, with real degrees and credentials, who reviewed the infamous CARB AB-32 Scoping Plan, are as follows;

** (Compiled by Chris Reed, editorial writer of the Union Tribune)

James E. Enstrom, Ph.D., M.P.H.

He is a 35-year lifestyle epidemiologist with the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Anthony Fucaloro, Ph.D.

He is a 35-year chemist with public policy expertise from Claremont McKenna College Joint Science Department.

Matthew A. Malkan, Ph.D.

He is a 25-year astrophysicist with the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Robert F. Phalen, Ph.D.

He is a 35-year air pollution toxicologist with UC Irvine Air Pollution Health Effects Laboratory

In the wake of bogus science California’s economy was destroyed. This forced millions of people to loose their jobs and shuttered industries throughout the state. Arnold “The Schlock” Schwarzenegger continued to pander for Mexico’s Baja deep water port while disabling some of the most lucrative ports in the western hemisphere. Arnie waged war on the trucking industry forcing hard working American’s to loose their way of life. Other industries who depended on diesel to make their living also took a direct hit with absolutely no compensation or bail-out.

It is clear that Arnold is involved in the international corporatism movement (Globalization). He is a noted supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). And as we all should know by now, this agreement hinges on the destruction of national sovereignty to all nations that sign on. It’s all about the money and corporatism. And from all indicators globalization is an act of treason by world leaders who purport this axiom.

Now the United States has taken on the “green” cause and is in the process of crippling America’s economy, and with good reason. Whence America has become bankrupt their will be a global solution to “save” the day. Like they say; a drowning man will grasp the hand of the Devil himself even if it was the Devil who tossed him into the drink. Sadly we will have sold our democracy down the river and a New World Order will arise from the ashes of our broken economy.

Disaster Capitalism at its best as the interests of a hand full of international corporations takes over the world. Just remember that about 50 of the top economies of the world are corporations. The real wealth will be distributed to a hand full of corporate thugs who dictate marching orders to the World Trade Organization.

It is a good thing the tyranny these corporate criminals are planning for the New World Order is also destined to fail for that is part of prophecy as well. Just remember that mankind will be faced with totalitarian rule but it will not come to pass. Mother Earth will have the final say for it is written that the meek shall inherit the Earth. It is ironic that no matter what man does at this juncture they are following prophecies of the ancients to the letter. One day soon we will realize what the ancients were warning us about and all the cash in the world will not alter the final outcome.

Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate





Foot Note: Now in 2017 there is even more solid science that proves climate change is cyclic and not caused by Barney’s smoky Ford Pinto. Whether it’s a Mini Ice Age or another 10,000 year run is yet to be determined but one is for sure, Al was totally wrong & people should have been warned about this known weather event.


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